From: the CHI / 60644 / The 6 / Chicago / Westside


From: the CHI / 60644 / The 6 / Chicago / Westside

i'm a REAL ARTIST!!! I'm here to bring a happy remarkable, joyous celebration to the World, by being a positive piece to the celebration of life. I'm the JUDGE, DEFENDANT & The PLAINTIFF ”


From: the CHI / 60644 / The 6 / Chicago / Westside

In an era of lack of creativity, BCtheTHRILLER embodies the best skills of sculpting a polished piece of musical art. BCtheTHRILLER loves to make beautiful MUSIC. As a music producer, BCtheTHRILLER blends POP- HipHop-R&B-Rock-Jazz and EDM to deliver an uppercut -knockout piece of passionate musical composition. BCtheTHRILLER has been producing music since high school and in 2009 released his first album “The Mack Experience” by Oregon artist Tjay - released on BCtheThriller’s label-- CorporateRecordLabel.com--- BCtheTHRILLER is the  CEO/Owner/ Executive Creative Director & Master Mind behind the label where he produces all the music--and places his Midas touch on each record.

“Trading Love & War Stories”  starring rapper Calvin Crabtree, from Indiana- also released in 2009 was a critical success. It’s an album many called better than any of Eminem's work. It contains such standout "POP-HOP" production from BCtheTHRILLER as “Society”, “When I’m With You” and “Ella Es Tan Seductora”.

BCtheTHRILLER has a broad style that grows on you. He has produced artists all over the world, he thinks big, not local, and has an international appeal.


In 2014 BCtheTHRILLER packaged and released a deluxe version of “Trading Love & War Stories “ that included “All The Love” -"Good Love” and “Lover’s Lane” together calling it “Trading Love & War Stories (Lover’s Lane Deluxe Edition)". The “Lover’s Lane” track - an EDM Dance instrumental track received huge night club play--and it was the album’s Outro.

One year later “The Mack Experience (BCtheTHRILLER’s Golden Everything Deluxe Edition)” was released ---it was shocking--- and deliciously good!!! As someone said. It includes remixes of “Behind Closed Doors”, “Free”, “Physical” & “Ya Dude” and it also includes 3 slicked produced instrumental suites-- “Stick Yo Self”, “The Mack Of The Year” & “Golden Everything”.It was once again “SHOCKING!!!!” ---“Scary Good!!” and created a big buzz, that continues even now.

2017 brought a brand new style, confidence, and swagger with the releases of "C Sick" and "C Sick (The ill Mandingo Deluxe Edition)" starring BCtheTHRILLER and Double C. This album shattered all expectations, which were probably low. BCtheTHRILLER raised the roof and broke all sound barriers. Both albums became internationally #1 all around the world. It unabashedly told a deeply thought-provoking story. BCtheTHRILLER covered all the bases and left nothing but awe, jaw-dropping, and stunned with amazement reactions. It is that GOOD. GREAT. BLACK EXCELLENCE. Grammy worthy, with no doubts about it. BCtheTHRILLER is now officially proclaimed THE MASTER.

2022 USHERED in the Maserati Music ERA:


The breath-taking, breath of FRESH HEIR, NEW album from our BOSS * BCtheTHRILLER * ME is a full EXPERIENCE VIBE that continues to tell the GENIUS story of BCtheTHRILLER. It's a ROLLER COASTER ART MASTERPIECE that must be listened to and absorbed all at once... from 1-50. YES! * ME * has fifty tracks * 50 * by reading all the song titles : ME tell's you exactly who BCtheTHRILLER, truthfully, honestly, really is.


As a teenager, BCtheTHRILLER won a city-wide Chicago Library Art contest and was awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago where they proclaimed him as a CREATIVE GENIUS and a child PRODIGY. BCtheTHRILLER holds degrees in ART, Psychology, Human Resources, and Finance,- writes and develops screenplays, acts, dances sings, rap's, Produce's, and fashion designs.

If you want a radio-ready--- Hot--uniquely different---production - BCtheTHRILLER is your producer. With a GROWING roster on his growing label- BCtheTHRILLER plans on being BIGGER than DefJam. Go ahead, listen, give a BCtheTHRILLER song a try--- I bet you’ll like it and love it.